How to Get Masters Tickets 2020

To be individually physically present at the venue, you will have to purchase an entry ticket. Several options exist for you to try out. We now devote the proceeding segment of our discussion to look into the options that may serve you well:

Option I: Win the lottery

Your first bet is winning a lottery. In this sense, the organizers make available a limited number of tickets that are dished out by way of auctioning or bidding. The following rules apply under that circumstance:

  • Only one application is allowed at a time
  • Each person has to apply on his own
  • One has to be aged 21 years or older to be eligible
  • The tickets apply to only one day of the event

Option II: Get a patron badge

The next option would be to get a patron badge. This is a one-off ticket that costs around $325. Once you get it, you are entitled to all the matches in all the days. You won’t have to purchase fresh tickets every quite often. Though awesome, these badges are somewhat limited in supply.

Option III: Secondary market

Some resellers have been contracted by the organizers to sell the tickets to the masses. They are the most expensive channels to acquire the tickets. Nonetheless, their tickets are the most abundant compared to the other existing options. You have to prepare to dig deeper into your pockets to affordable them hence.

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